We are a genuinely Bulgarian company, operating since 2017 in the beauty care and cosmetics market.

Our brands aim to achieve our business mission, which is: Well-Being Is Beauty. Thus, Ivea Beauty operates with perfection in our production process; respect, honesty, engagement, commitment and love for our products.

Throughout our years of experience, we have broadened and varied the cosmetics routine we market. Today, we have more than 10 beauty care items, including nail and foot care lines, hair cosmetics for personal and professional use, intimate care lines, exfoliants, gels, antibacterial hygiene lines, suntan lotion, etc.

Despite operating in a highly competitive market our cosmetics stand side by side with popular multinational brands. This increase in sales has driven us to expand our industrial zone. We currently have a high volume production capacity. Our experts constantly invest in research and development, constantly examining raw materials and machinery, organizing employee training and market research. Thus we meet market needs and trends.

Our Team

What doesn't challenge you, doesn't make you change! Here at Ivea Beauty, we encourage our team to seek creative solutions to the challenges. That is the reason why our employees always suggest new ideas, projects and solutions

We help each other for the common good. We bring the value of honesty deeply connected to our inner selves. It makes us different. We think out of the box and we inspire experts to follow our core goal - to produce beauty and well-being.

Every day, we devote our work to creating formulas with commitment and dedication. Our projects are successful because we are constantly searching for better results. We are proud to be part of Ivea Beauty’s team and we work with a focus on results.

Our work is our commitment. We always think about how to improve our results. WE ALWAYS BRING SOLUTIONS, because of our sense of unity. We have a curious spirit and are always eager for knowledge,

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission We do what we do - effective cosmetic formulas. We strive to accomplish our belief: Well-being is at the core of Beauty. And we embrace our mission to market products that make you feel at your best.

Values The company’s culture is strongly influenced by our mission and our values. We truly believe in their strength. All the actions we take in our routine are based on them. Values are deeply rooted in our DNA and are expressed in the team's activities. This set of ethical principles shape our corporate culture, guide our reputation and is strongly recognized by all of Ivea Beauty’s employees.

Vision We always seek to strengthen our relationship with customers and in one way or another we end up bringing people closer to us. All our activities are committed to building trust with our customers, consumers, partners and employees. WE ARE BUILDING LONG-LASTING PARTNERSHIPS.

We simply LOVE to help YOU FEEL AT YOUR BEST.